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Adobe Reader: your PDFs have been hacked

Oct 16, 2013   //   by Daniel Kranowski   //   Business  //  No comments yet, your thoughts are welcome

Security breaches happen so frequently now at big-name companies you can hardly call them “high profile” anymore, but I was particularly amazed to hear about the gaping hole blasted through the castle walls of Adobe. It happened back in August and was just made public in October. Here’s the boring part first: hackers grabbed passwords and credit card information on 2.9 million user accounts. Read more >>

CloudStack vs OpenStack vs Eucalyptus: IaaS Private Cloud Brief Comparison

Oct 9, 2012   //   by Daniel Kranowski   //   Business  //  No comments yet, your thoughts are welcome

An organization looking to implement its own Infrastructure as a Service private cloud has lots of options these days. If you value open source, the top three IaaS stacks available today are CloudStack, OpenStack, and Eucalyptus. Last week I made a presentation at JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco on this topic and compared the three stacks from the perspectives of architecture, installation, administration, security, and high availability. Read more >>

Rackspace calls CloudStack, Eucalyptus "zombies"

Apr 14, 2012   //   by Daniel Kranowski   //   Business  //  2 comments

It’s not every day you hear a company call its competition “zombies”, but that is exactly the word that came off the fiery keyboard of Rackspace Cloud’s Director of Developer Relations, Jim Plamondon, in his comment to Mike Fratto’s column about how CloudStack and Eucalyptus seem just a bit too cozy with the Amazon AWS API. Jim’s remarks are just too awesome not to quote Read more >>

Upgrading from Apache Solr 1.4 to 3.x

Dec 7, 2011   //   by Daniel Kranowski   //   Business  //  5 comments

If your IT organization has used Apache Solr for a while to manage enterprise search, perhaps you’ve noticed on the Solr download page that they offer version 1.4.1, last updated in 2009, and several 3.x versions, most recently 3.5.0. So you might be wondering: should we upgrade from 1.4 to 3.x? What happened to 2.0? And is Solr 3.x a radical departure from 1.4, how much trouble would this be to upgrade?

Let’s get the missing 2.0 out of the way first Read more >>

Fully Automated: Optimized for a Single Work Vector

Nov 26, 2011   //   by Daniel Kranowski   //   Business  //  No comments yet, your thoughts are welcome

In the best of worlds, software automation is pushbutton. Just press a button in a UI, or type a single command-line at a terminal, or let a single scheduled task run, then the invoked script or procedure should take care of running a sequence of actions involving one or more systems. While it’s running you can do other things and stay productive. Processes that get automated are the repetitive ones you do a lot, like business activities, running test suites, or setting up systems and environments. Manual processes require lots of intervention and babysitting: start a script, wait 15 minutes, if it passed start another script, wait some more, copy the result file to another system, ad nauseam; such manual processes are a drain on worker productivity and prone to errors. A fully automated process is a smooth unbroken action – one work vector. Read more >>