Business Algorithms offers you deep technical skills in Java, C#, web services, database design, UI design and social media. With both depth and breadth of development expertise, you’re assured of getting the business software features you need, built to be rock-solid, easy to use, and cost-effective. We follow agile development methods, responding quickly to customer feedback.

Automated Test

Massively automated software test minimizes the hidden risk of having software quality issues become showstopper business issues. An enterprise IT organization simply cannot afford to underestimate software test, which is why Business Algorithms offers automated functional test, performance test, stress test, security test, regression test, unit test, and integration test. We can provide for you an enduring test infrastructure that makes your organization more agile and leads to clearly measurable high quality.

High Performance

Customer-facing sites and computationally intensive applications need to be fast and responsive. Business Algorithms can use analytical tools to identify performance issues, then implement tactical or architectural enhancements that bring your software up to speed.